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The project is based on three theoretical perspectives the relationship between consumption and globalisation; theories to explain consumer attitudes; and the implications of evolution of governance for the standardisation and emergence of environmental labels. The project will try to study economic, social, cultural and political implications of environmental standards and how quality attributes related to environmental concerns are defined and developed in relation to textiles and clothing (T&C), as well as how they are managed in the Northern and Southern hemisphere.

The objective is to promote dialogue on environmental standards and labels between producers in the South and consumers in the North, especially those associated with India and Europe (the emphasis would be on Norway but the cases of Germany, Sweden and France will also be studied in detail); generate estimates and ascertain stakeholder perceptions of net welfare benefits from such standards/labels; and thereby recommend changes in associated systems of governance to augment such net welfare levels.

Given its vast scope, this two year study will be restricted to the textile sector. The methodology would consist on an advanced econometric application of data collected from online and field surveys (stratified random sample of 100 firms) respectively in Europe and India, using a dummy variable model, to determine the degree to which environmental and social labels function or can potentially function as a communicative tool in the European consumer market, as well as identify the costs and benefits associated with the use of such labels along the value chain of textile production and consumption in India and Europe.

Implementing Organisation

CUTS Centre For International Trade, Economics & Environment (CUTS CITEE)
D217, Bhaskar Marg, Bani Park,
Jaipur 302 016, India
Ph: +91.141.2282821,
Fx: +91.141.2282485
Email: citee@cuts.org
Web: http://www.cuts-citee.org/

Project Partner:
Norwegian Institute for Consumer Research (SIFO)
SIFO, National Institute for Consumer Research
Address: Postboks 4682 Nydalen, 0405
Oslo, Norway
Web: http://www.sifo.no/


Dynamics of Environmental Standards and NTBs for Sustainable Consumption and Production Perspective
October 04, 2013, Brussels
Agenda | Background Note | Press Release | Report



Environmental Standards Positively Impact Trade in Textiles and Clothing: CUTS
October 04, 2013, Brussels


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