Seed associations of Bangladesh, India sign trade agreement
PTI, May 01, 2015

Seed associations of Bangladesh and India have inked a pact to facilitate traders of both nations to increase business in high-yielding varieties of rice seeds, think-tank CUTS international said today.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Bangladesh Seeds Association and the National Seed Association of India here.

"This MoU will facilitate traders, exporters and importers of both the countries to initiate the cross-border trade in high-yielding varieties of rice seeds.

"It will also enable a favourable environment for knowledge-sharing in such seeds production and trade," CUTS said in a statement.

It added that the move would help in ensuring greater cooperation in agriculture sector between both the neighbours.

High quality seeds produced in one country, it said, should be expeditiously made available for cultivation in neighbouring countries having similar agro-climatic conditions so that farmers in the region are benefited from the varieties.

"In Bangladesh and India, serious problem with regard to making variety rice seeds available and accessible to farmers is noticed.

"Significant gap exists between demand and supplies of most-desired and adaptable varieties. Increased cooperation between the two countries can significantly improve the situation," it added.

The bilateral trade between India and Bangladesh stood at USD 6.65 billion in 2013-14.

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Dissemination and Advocacy Meeting 
Trade and Knowledge Sharing in HYV Rice Seeds:Scope for Agricultural Cooperation between Bangladesh and India

April 30, 2015, New Delhi, India
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India, Bangladesh agreement on HYV rice seeds trade
India in Business, May 01, 2015
Seed associations of Bangladesh, India sign trade agreement
PTI, May 01, 2015


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