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Research Reports

Research reports are outputs of externally funded as well as internally resourced projects. They provide readers with the overview and background, comprehensive information on and detailed analysis of various components of research in a reader-friendly format.

Internationalisation of Micro and Small Enterprises through E-Commerce
This report has been published under the project entitled, ‘Internationalisation of MSME’s through e- Commerce: Assessment of De Minimis, Remote Taxation & Other Fiscal Incentives implemented by CUTS International. The views and opinions expressed in this publication is that of CUTS International.

Benefits of the TIR Convention for the implementation of the BBIN Motor Vehicles Agreement
This study analyses the benefits of TIR Convention to facilitate efficient movement of cargo vehicles across borders under the BBIN Motor Vehicles Agreement (MVA). The study examines the role of various instruments of the TIR System in addressing the current transit and transport related challenges of the BBIN region and its benefits towards addressing these challenges by co-opting the TIR Convention.

Non-Tariff Measures to Food Trade in India A Case Study of Selected Ports
This project study identifies product and port-specific NTMs (to imports of selected agricultural, food and processed food items) from a specific group of countries into India. The study is based on field surveys to identify key barriers (process, procedural, regulatory, administrative, SPS and TBT) restricting India’s food trade with South Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, and also selected trade imports from the United Kingdom. The project report focuses on six key trading posts: Attari, Agartala, Chennai, Mumbai, Panitanki, and Petrapole.

Mega Regional Trade Agreements and the Indian Economy: An Analysis of Potential Challenges and Opportunities
This study was undertaken, with support from Department For International Development (DFID) supported Knowledge Partnership Programme (KPP) (through IPE Global, New Delhi), to bring out the potential effects of three mega regional trade agreements (EU-ASEAN FTA, Trans-Pacific Partnership, and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) on the Indian economy and the opportunities India can take to address various challenges.

Consumers and Economic Cooperation: Cost of Economic Non-cooperation to Consumers in South Asia
This study analyse the consumer welfare impacts of regional trade liberalisation in South Asia. It enquires into the results of previous studies on this topic as well as attempts a quantitative assessment of potential consumer welfare gains from enhanced intra-regional trade. The study also includes the results from a perception survey which was conducted to ascertain the the opinions of key stakeholders in the region on the role and relative importance of consumer welfare in trade negotiations under SAFTA.
pp 168, #1207, Rs 250/US$25, ISBN:

India’s Experiences On Preferential Trade Agreements
This study is a comprehensive extension of CUTS’ earlier work and evaluates India’s negotiating experiences on preferential trade agreements. It draws lessons from some select engagements such as like India-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement, Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation, India-Thailand Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement, India-MERCOSUR Preferential Trade Agreement, India-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement, India-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement. The study makes case based analyses of good practices highlighting ways of preparedness adopted by other countries.
pp 127, #1202, Rs 250/US$25, ISBN: 978-81-8257-162-4

Regional Trade Openness Index, Income Disparity and Poverty An Experiment with Indian Data
This study aims to examine how much ‘open’ Indian states are with respect to international trade and then assesses to characterise three related aspects: (1) trade openness and incidence, depth and severity of poverty at the state level (rural and urban); trade openness and income inequality at the state level (rural and urban); (2) trade openness and industrial employment across industry types (workers and employees); and (3) trade openness and regional disparity. It should be noted that this study focuses primarily on finding the inter-linkage between trade openness at the state level and its implications for poverty.
pp 69, #0807, Rs 200/US$20, ISBN: 978-81-8257-102-0




Monographs are handbooks that aim to raise public awareness, interest and knowledge on a variety of trade and economic issues. Detailed and in-depth explanation of a subject is presented in an easy reading format targeting laypersons.

ABC of Preferential Trade Agreements
Multilateralism is the best option for promoting a more equitable and fair trading system. However, Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs) have been increasing exponentially, as countries seek to gain market access and seize opportunities offered by preferential deals due to the slow progress at the multilateral level. This booklet starts with a brief on the different types of PTAs and why countries enter into such an agreement. It goes on to outline the evolution process and point out why PTAs may be inconsistent with General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) rules.
PP 43, #0914, Suggested Contribution Rs 50/$10




Briefing Papers

Briefing Papers are to draw public interest to key issues relating to trade and economics. They are to facilitate easy understanding of issues as well as to educate and inform readers about their various aspects. They are of 4-pages, so as to get better attention of busy policy-makers and other readers.







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