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In India, the size of the public procurement market is approximately 29 per cent of its gross domestic product, which is almost US$ 536 billion annually. There is no central law or policy to govern this market. In 2012, a Public Procurement Bill was tabled in the Parliament, which is yet to become a law.

Public procurement has multiplier effects and can be used as a tool to promote several socio-economic development objectives by looking into its linkages with other important macro economic policies such as trade policy, fiscal policy, competition policy, manufacturing policy, etc. It can also be used to incentivise the adoption of green technologies or provide a fillip to manufacturing undertaken by micro, small and medium sized enterprises.

Therefore, it is essential to assess the interaction between these policies in a mutually cumulative manner as facilitation of the creation of such a mechanism will result in harmonising the impact of two seemingly distinct but related objectives: judicious use of public expenditure and the achievement of socio-economic developmental goals.

The Public Procurement Bill has been framed to regulate the process and outcomes of public expenditure as undertaken by government bodies at the central level. It is expected to act as a model law to be adopted by state governments. However and in order to understand the relationship between the objectives of public procurement and those of other major macro economic policies, a National Public Procurement Policy should be in place.

Therefore, CUTS International has undertaken this project to explore necessary elements of a National Procurement Policy of India and their interfaces with other major macroeconomic policies so as to frame a draft Policy and advocate for its adoption and implementation.


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National Consultation Meeting Elements of Public Procurement Policy of India
March 24, 2014, New Delhi



The Tender Trap
Business Standard, September 11, 2014


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