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A CUTS CITEE Intern is a student studying in an university or a college or a research institution/NGO in India and/or in other countries and whose interest coincides with that of the Centre.


Research means both desktop research based mainly on literature review, analytical research, including analysis of secondary data/information, and field research based on fieldwork and analysis of primary data/information.

Research-related Activities

Research-related activities mean presenting research results to an audience, content and language editing of research outputs and any other activities that may evolve from a research and may be conducted on mutually agreed terms and conditions.


The following are CUTS CITEE’s programme areas:

  • WTO Issues

  • Regional Economic Cooperation

  • Developmental Issues

  • Scope of Engagement

The Centre will engage an Intern on a case to case basis and under mutually agreed terms and conditions. An Intern will be engaged through advertisement at the Centre's web site. The duration of an engagement would be one-three months. CUTS CITEE will not bear any travel and accommodation cost of an Intern.


The authorship for research of a CUTS CITEE Intern will be vested with the concerned Intern. Interns will be free to use a particular research output in writing articles in journals, etc after that research is published by CUTS CITEE and by acknowledging in such articles that this research is a part of work with CUTS CITEE.

Obligations of CUTS CITEE

Obligations of CUTS CITEE will be limited to a particular and mutually agreed engagement in research and research-related activities of a CUTS CITEE Intern.

Obligations of an Intern

Obligations of an Intern will be limited to a particular and mutually agreed engagement in research and research-related activities of CUTS CITEE.






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