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Given the importance of Indian cotton production in global supply chains for cotton, CUTS (Consumer Unity & Trust Society) will act as a consultant mapping cotton provisioning chains and regulatory frames of cotton production in India, with a special reference to environmental sustainability issues. The project will analyse cotton production practices, sustainable production alternatives and their usefulness and availability. It will subtly explore regulatory framework for cotton production in India along with regulatory demands from European importers, including an analysis of private regulations/standards.

The principal objective of this study is to understand and promote environmental sustainability practices in the entire cotton value chain. Cotton production not only requires huge amount of water but also heavy amount of world’s pesticides. In fact, 50 percent of pesticides used in India go for cotton cultivation, despite the fact that cotton occupies only 5 percent of the total cultivable land. Furthermore, toxic dyestuffs are used in the textile and clothing manufacturing sector. Their applications in fabric finishing have polluted air, soil, and surface water greatly. Hence, major environmental sustainability issues are there in the entire cotton value chain

Thus, this research aims to analyse environmental impact of cotton production in India. It aims to ascertain stakeholders’ awareness toward environmental sustainability practices. It seeks to examine how domestic policies have contributed/strengthened the environmental sustainability of cotton production in India. Based upon empirical findings, the research seeks to recommend policies for promoting sustainable environmental practices in the cotton value chain.

This two-and-a-half-year study will be done by desk research (literature review and secondary data analysis) and field research (analysis of quantitative and qualitative data/ other information) primarily in three villages (in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan) and associated cotton value chain.

Implementing Organisation

CUTS Centre For International Trade, Economics & Environment (CUTS CITEE)
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Project Partner:
Norwegian Institute for Consumer Research (SIFO)
SIFO, National Institute for Consumer Research
Address: Postboks 4682 Nydalen, 0405
Oslo, Norway
Web: http://www.sifo.no/



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