About the Project

In India, attempts to evolve a systematic understanding of consumer behaviour on energy efficient products and their benefits as well as the determination of the level of and secular trends in use of these products have been lacking.

There is, thus, an urgent need to gauge consumer behaviour in regard to these products. The proposed project is a clear step in this direction.

  • The project will lead to a comprehensive benchmark, against which future developments in awareness about the need for energy conservation and use of energy efficient products can be evaluated.

  • More importantly, it will provide a basis for designing national level future strategies by the relevant departments and ministries of the government of India for enhancing the use of energy efficient products in India.

  • It will help both consumers and producers reduce their carbon footprint by helping them to strategise their initiatives for greater production and usage of energy efficient products.

  • Usage of energy efficiency products would help India conserve energy which in turn would help to achieve sustained and sustainable economic growth.

Implementing Organisation

CUTS Centre For International Trade, Economics & Environment (CUTS CITEE)
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Dissemination Meeting
January 25, 2012, New Delhi


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